Monday, October 06, 2008

Rain on the Bus Window

Rain on the bus window
Streaks across as the bus rolls down the highway
The flowing water reminds me of the ocean
Reminds me of home
Ripples from the waves created ridges and valleys in the sand
Hard compacted sand that feels good when walked upon
Like a masseuse rubbing my soles
I am reminded of happier times
Sunshine warming my body as I wade into the ocean
Looking back to shore, I see her laying there
Her body soaking in the rays
She catches my eye and waves
I smile and dive under the waves
The water cooling my sun warmed skin
A crack of thunder followed the jagged edge of lightning across the sky
My sleep heavy eyes slowly opened
Waves of water still ran across the bus window
But my smile did not wash away
I am going home again
Returning to her

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