Thursday, September 21, 2006


Thank-you for dining locally
Albeit by yourself, you're not lonely?
On your fine knitted sleeve
Is a safe logical reprieve

Outside it's raining and you're waiting for your ride
The water washes, but doesn't affect your resistance to abide
The umbrella you hold high trying to stay dry
'Cause something up there really knows you in the sky

You arrive home and put on the stove
Pour a glass of wine fresh from the grove
And home an hour, you have yet to change
As you like it, they're out of range

Tomorrow, things much the same
Really, you've no one else to blame
The opposite of the ocean
A lack of common commotion


  1. A couple comments here.

    "Albeit by yourself, you're not lonely?" According to the rest of the poem the subject does seem to be lonely. Why is the speaker asking? What made the speaker wonder if the subject was lonely or not; especially if the speaker knows so much about the subject.

    "Outside it's raining and you're waiting for your ride” If he is always lonely then who is the 'ride'? Is it just a taxi? Maybe the subject should be walking to his ride...

    "As you like it, they're out of range" I like this one. It reaffirms that the subject is a loner.

    I enjoy the last stanza. It tells me that the subject is alone because he wants to be alone.

    I enjoyed this one. Keep up the good work.

  2. There was a young woman from Leeds
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