Friday, July 22, 2005

You know what word I can't stand? Blog.

You know what word I can't stand? Blog. I can't stand it, espically its use in current media. It's just a flash buzz word that someone made up and thought was cute, now everyone uses it. Your not hip and cool, espically in the news media, if you don't have a blog. Who really cares what you have to say anyway...

I also hate the name of that one minivan the Caravan. It's a car... No its a van... Its a CARAVAN!!! Shut the hell up. It's not cute and or funny...

Next question is: Why does an online journal make you rant? That is a question that I will have to think about long and hard and maybe come up with an answer some day...

Well, untill next time, this is your local bloger signing off.


  1. people rant at my blog a lot, so i know what you mean, but hey, its not like anybody has anything fucking productive to be doing

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  3. I wonder if you still hate that word. Someone invite some cool term and everybody jumps on the band wagon. Than it because a permanent part of the culture and language and it doesn't seem offensive anymore.

    By the way I want start writing fiction and poetry but I not sure if I have the skills. I'm inspired by reading your work so plan to learn to from it.