Thursday, December 24, 2020

The Disaster Club

Welcome to The Disaster Club 
You're only allowed if you know disaster 
And you will (all of our members know it well) 
Our club song is on any radio station 
There are so many disaster songs 
Come some placid Tuesday in the very early 
Morning hours, or we can find you at that time
Our membership card is saturated hate & 
Broken and disjointed love & pitch black 
Darkness and dysfunction--it all eats our card 
Carrying members alive and so so slowly it
Is The Disaster Club's specialty so now you
Fight it or run run run like Hell & never look back but 
You may just run right into our arms
You'll only know us from now on, we'll relate so well 
We will welcome you with a smile & a pat on the back
Our latest addition, your darkest addiction
Welcome to The Disaster Club.

Thursday, February 08, 2018


For sea & sun & sin & son
The spirals are chiral, by design
As nitrogen fell from blue sky
And crashed into watered waves
Cheers for years, fears will churn
Bases formed, the code
Was from blue sky
Sent to the ocean's commotion

Not there
Versus absent ocean air
Sea forgets the slights
Adds it to its might
And sea has much to say
It's the moon & atmosphere
That may crash so fear - as
Guanine & cytosine -
Meshed with thymine & adenine

Nucleosides to the ocean's tide
Sea is in the coronary vessels
Ones and zeros, binary code
In human mode, as
Ocean currents
Swirl & sing an ethereal song
Echoing synaptic happenings so the
Biology is determined, it
Is so the potato or tomato shares
One in two, the same as you

For sea seizures led to salty tears
The sodium gaining for billions of years
Crawling, craning somewhat craving from the sea
A radioactive splitting of the Atom
And Eve - it all restarted
When the sea violently parted and
The dark sky exploded.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Pictures of Life (and Death)

As you dually lay there
The stomach and diaphragm meekly dropping down
As the last breaths meander out
These are the last seconds of life
Memories, Prism-pictures and the 
Blending and blinding of the light
Crashing, combining and crashing
Across neuronal synaptic clefts

The Flicking and fleeting
What will be the last picture you see?
Your benevolent son running in the rain...
Your eccentric father at just like thirty-five...
The day with mountain mist at Wapta Falls...
That one girl, you knew was for you - but got away?
However, the winds and waves face another day

Like when the ink-capsule and top come off with the cap
Was it a grudge - A solemn hard ride?
Or, gold and glitter - A joyous slide?
Most likely, a blending of both
Were you virtuous OR victorious?
Did you "win"? - OR were you happy?
As circulatory traffic all but stops
Fleeting life's pictures, and the last flickers 
Your life's arc - your id's bark - 
Good luck, it all goes dark..

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Mysterious Sea

Getting up and going out,
Taking-off and landing, on down
Curvy interstate wanderings with
Accompanying interstitial slights -

Hiding your Inner-space while
Yearning for outer-space
Divvying up and coming together
To just see it all - blown apart

You take me from mine, and I'll take you from yours
To inevitable places, between those spaces - for
More is known of Mars, than the deepest ocean floor
Escape - a swan dive, deep down, ocean blue explore?

Dada said, "the blue Sea is everything
 there is to so know..."
 "I have maybe four drops of it, you, sun -
So inversely related and effectual,
"...Son, maybe two of ocean blue -
"You, two, and I..four
"Maybe no more....?"

Surfer after chaotic ocean waves
Close call
To the shore, triumphant fist in air
But the waves will continue on
And with the moon and stars or solar flares
They just don't care
No, they never will.

Swimming around and Drowning down
Is all this seems to be
All This, the Sea, and what
You try to be

All you'll ever do - or
Will ever be
Will never echo the never ending
Mysterious sea

Around A Bit

Somewhere on the world you spin
Footprints left on places you've been
Across ponds, maybe long broken bonds
Exploring lands are maybe futile plans

And whether the weather wherever,
Somewhat knowing such, it never goes as planned
For rain is soaking, but the ground so solid
It goes around and....'round

You've been away for sometime?
But it is the same space
Some ordinary place

Where are you going?
Where have you been?
Somewhere on the world you spin...

Sunday, June 25, 2017



Oh, Betty -
Mountainous highs with
Valley lows
Somewhere you roam

Loch Ness "Nessie" -
In sea -
Are you there to tell us what you want to be...
Is it not, what to believe?

Alien ships meshed with hard-ships
Third-kinds will just have to unwind
These ships,
Only the Triangle so knows
It's unyielding...So take the time. 

I just ask,
Is there something else?
Closest DNA relative to aquatic dolphin
Is in fact, the African Hippo
Paranormal parameters
The Ever-loving sky
All those that pass by

It drops on us...
Saucers somewhat seen
What does it all mean?

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Pete took a drink of water and shut the faucet off, while setting his glass down to the left. He took a few steps to the right. He ran his eyes about the room noticing darkness had invaded the proximity. He listened intently and shot a few more furtive glances. Nothing. Nothing out of the ordinary, anyway. But something was off, he thought. Something was just not right in his modest two-bedroom apartment now fully covered in the night's dark. Pete finally found the light-switch. He flipped it - nothing, the room remained dark. He heard nothing of his cat and her meows. Which was strange, because in the dark she was always prowling around, getting into things and making noise. She was a clumsy cat and Pete often thought of her as very un-catlike. He could feel the blood in his vascular system pump a little harder. He walked out of the kitchen and into the living room flipping another switch. Nothing...again. His blood began to circulate even faster. He could feel it. Pete froze for a second and ran all the possibilities through his head...and was ready to bolt for the front door. But he didn't and remained, lightly stepping about with arms outstretched. The apartment now was completely dark and there were still no sounds from his cat, Chairman Meow. Pete was a mix of befuddled and petrified. He let out a slight moan as he hit his shin on something sharp and pointy. It was pitch dark, like a recess in the mind of a misanthropic sociopath. Was this an elaborate prank? Of course, that wouldn't explain the extra darkness hanging in the room. It had an inexpiable quality to it, Pete thought as he took some deep breaths. It was, oddly enough, darker than dark. It was an indecipherable blackness that clung to everything it could devour. Pete was standing still now fully enveloped in darkness, in a random spot in his living room. It was like the encroaching dark had Pete in a hypnotized state. He felt like he couldn't move - but knew he could. Or did he? Finally, a few steps - "bingo!," he exclaimed, as he seemingly grabbed the front door handle. He swung the door open and the apartment hall light seeped in - fully attacking the dark. Pete tried to get his wits about him as he stepped out into the hall - fully embracing the light.

Friday, November 07, 2014

My Life in Front of the Screens

My life in front of the screen
Spaces and splices, scene by scene
Supposed magic and splashes of art
Or small pocket powerhouse galaxies
Explored and watched - also called...
Or from a living room and staring ahead
Staring down, staring straight across
Well we're bored -- it's not a crime
Everyday in front of them most the time
Transfixed yet tranquil
For good or bad, the balance leans -
To our lives in front of the screens.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ink Stained Jeans

I am proud to announce a new creative writing website. If you enjoyed the poetry and stories here then please visit

Thank you for reading.

Monday, December 24, 2012


By: James Dubeau

Around the drain
That is a dark lament
Reaching out
For a handhold
To pull free
Wanting something
To click
Turning brass gears
Latch into place
And embrace
While taken for a ride
Across the cosmos
Through time and space
Into the great darkness beyond
Where lights of stars
And whole galaxies
Would only dream
To dare to tread
Background radiation
Drowns it all out
To nothing but
A pleasant
Choking out
A throaty scream

Monday, December 10, 2012


By: James Dubeau

Everywhere I go
In my tiny life
Everything must be
Single-serving strife
The coffee
The sugar
Even the cream
And when I do cook
Massive batches are made
Of chili
Or even pasta
To be divvied up
Into single-serving batches
To be eaten as lunches
Over a week or three
For if I don’t
All the groceries go bad
Siting in the fridge
Waiting to be eaten
But I do like to cook
Honestly I do
And would cook even more
But it is just no fun
To be cooking for one

Friday, November 30, 2012


By: James Dubeau

Just out of reach
Of outstretched arms
My fingertips almost touch
Can almost grasp
Can almost make it mine
But no matter
How I contort my body
My arms cannot stretch any further
It would not be so painful
If I never had the taste
The sweet taste
Upon my lips
Knowing I was almost there
Almost had it
Almost achieved the desire
Makes the craving
All the more

Monday, November 26, 2012

Crossing Paths

Crossing Paths
By: James Dubeau

A few flakes of snow
Drifted past
My fogged over glasses
And frozen white breath
Greens turned yellow
Then to red
And I pushed off
Feet struggled to find traction
Upon my peddles
As my bike rolled
Across the empty crosswalk
I looked up
My vision filled
With a large symbol
Which I once knew well
I stumbled
I peddled
I got out of the way
Movement washed cold wind
Across my face
Clearing fog and improving vision
I turned to see
The flaxen haired motorist
Who hadn’t graced my presence
Since the sun was hot
And Cajun music
Wafted through the air
Our eyes did not meet
She had turned to fiddle
With something in the back seat
The light turned green
And she was gone
But the memories of days gone by
Flooded back
And I wondered if I would ever
Grace the tavern again
To put down money
For beers and the gambling of meat

Friday, November 23, 2012

Our First Laugh

Our First Laugh
By: James Dubeau

As we sit here
On this curb
Sharing our first laugh
We are living moments
The best moments
We’ll ever have
Between you and I
This is as good as it gets
When anything is possible
No annoying habits
No hurt feelings
It’s all downhill from here
Someone will say something
Bitterness will creep in
One of us will be hurt
It’ll all become a chore
Until it is ended
And we go our separate ways
But let us not think about that
The way it always goes
Let’s live in this moment
Live it up while we can
Be happy and joyful
And enjoy this laugh
Before it turns to tears

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So Long Space Cowboy

So Long Space Cowboy
By: James Dubeau

Single streak of white
Against the endless azure
As it turns to black
And the starry void
Above and beyond
With you was carried
More than just
2800 tons of rocket fuel
There was also
The hopes and dreams
Of every man, woman, and child
As you bounded across
That hunk of cheese
Even today
Children still dream
Of walking with you
Bouncing with each step
From the Eagle
So with a heavy heart
I must say
To you Neil Armstrong
So long
Space cowboy